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Posted by: Nick | 2008/05/20




I have been recently diagnosed with tinnitus. I have already seen two ent specialist and read tons of things about the matter....
Now the cause to my tinnitus is to my auditory nerve in my inner ear. This was cause by free diving to depth of 8m and not equalizing properly when coming up.. When i came up i hurt something.. Cause now i have a continuous ring in my ear. The One ENT was really helpful to prescribe a sort of steroid (I forget the name, but i know it flushes the calcium out of ur bones and can only be used once in a 6 months period after taking the prescription for 10days), omega 3 and multi vit to help with the healing. No he did say that nerves to grow back, but over time depending on damage. (Some case not at all) But cause i am in the early stages of this. He could maybe help me..
With this steroid i have found that the noise has become more bearable and soft. But has also change in pitch and sometimes many different sounds.. I can finally sleep.because of the noise being softer. But it is still there...

I just want to know what other forms of treatment are there now and what do you think of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) ??

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Dear Nick

Different forms of magnetic stimulation and its effects has been tested and used on humans since 1965. rTMS has been used mostly in the treatment of psychiatric disorders (ie, depression). I looked at the research a bit on the possibilities of the use in the treatment of tinnitus and as in most research the results are stating that it could help but not necessarily for everyone. I am however not aware of anyone in our country using it.

One thing to remember with the treatment and the cause of tinnitus is firstly that tinnitus is not a disease in itself, it is a symptom of something else. The first step is to first find the cause, see if that can be treated and then decide on alternative methods of treating tinnitus.

Possible treatment for tinnitus can be medication, hearing aids, tinnitus maskers, retraining therapy, other types of counselling or therapy, etc. Treatment and the results thereof is a very individual thing

Please let me know if you need any further information

kind regards
Izabelle Pieterse

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Posted by: Nick | 2008/08/04

I went to an ENT specialist and tried a drug called pulmison. Which i took for 10days... It has made the sound slightly better for me.. Its more bearably now.. But still there.. But one thing my ENT said to me is that... See tinnitus as a way the body communicates with u that u are doing something wrong to it. i.e. smoking , drinking etc. I have stopped smoking now and it has drastically softened the noise to. Change my diet so i dont eat fatty food.. Remember tinnitus most of the time get loader when ur blood pressure goes up. So try find ways to control ur blood pressure. Exercise , eat health etc....
Since i started to look at tinnitus as a way to change my life habits.. Its become more bearable. SOmedays it will stop for like a whole 10mins... then start again.. It seems it starting to heal it self..

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Posted by: Jenny | 2008/07/23

I have had tinnitus for 10 years now (I' m 34).. been to many loud clubs and concerts so I have damaged my cochlears. I have constant ringing in both of my ears.

Lately it seems to have gotten worse. Its starting to drive me mad.. I cant sleep or concentrate on a book for long these days. Do you know of any treatments for this horrid torture that no-one in my family understands!!!!

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Posted by: Hesterna | 2008/06/19

Izabelle Pieterse : Tinnitus

Vanaf September 2007 het ek tinnitus in my regter oor
Na baie ure op Internet het ek besef dat Suid Afrika geen
hulp het vir ons nie.
Ek gebruik die volgende (wat in my geval die tinnitus geluid (kriek) demp)
1. Vitamine B12
2. Gibkgo Biloba ( Ek gebruik Unique maak)
3. Ears Rx ( Fithealth maak)
Graag sal ek verneem of daar dalk ander medikasie is wat
help met verligting.
Ek dra reeds 'n gehoorstel weens gehoor verlies
Baie dankie

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