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Posted by: A | 2007/07/31


Extra hole at side of ear

Is it normal to be born with a hole on the outside of the ear in the front? I have this problem and want to know more about it. It is on each side of my face at both ears, you can almost say where the ear begins. Liquid also comes out of the hole but it is a clear liquid. It recently started to ache and a burning sensation is felt. What can this be? Please give me more info on this if you can.

Thank you.


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Hearing Expert

Dear A

I am not exactly sure what you are referring to and would have to see you to give you any accurate assessment - Have you seen any professionals about your problem? What i can suggest in the meantime; if you feel any pain or irritation, it would be strongly advisable to see your GP. He/she will be able to refer you if any further evaluation is necessary.

Please let me know if you have any further questions

Kind regards
Izabelle Pieterse

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Posted by: adub | 2007/10/28

I was also born with this hole on the side of my ear. I have to drain it daily. Same thing, it itches and then I have to relieve it. Its gross. Mine is a yellow discharge and it also stinks/smells. I am a white female. I've never really researched or asked a doctor about it. Its just something I've always had and never really thought to ask. I was searching on the internet for answers and found this page with these posts. I found it interesting and thought I would share. If anyone knows any other good sites or has any explanations, i would be interested.

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Posted by: M | 2007/10/21

I have a hole on the side of my ear as well and I'm black. I also have only seen this same thing on other black people; but, it could also be because I've never stopped to think that people of other "races" might have it too.

If any of you who've responded to this post or do respond to it are other than black, I'd be curious to know.

The hole runs in my family on my father's side. About 40% from my father's side have this hole. Some of my family members have one on the side of each ear and some only have one; either on the left or right ear. My father was told by a doctor once that the hole is connected the sinuses and it could be just part of that system that didn't completely close up during gestation.

This is kind of gross but, I'll tell it anyway. Every once in a while I have to "milk" my hole. It'll start itching and then I know it's getting relatively full with liquid and I then squeeze it out. It's sounds a lot more graphic than it really is but I will say if it's been a long time since I've relieved it, it can kind of smell tart; like if you have earring piercings and don't clean out those holes for long time.


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Posted by: E | 2007/09/28

It's interesting that you can't really find much info. about these holes at the top of the ears. I did find something called BOR Syndrome (Brachial-Oto-Renal Syndrome). It refers to these "ear holes" as ear pits or periauricular pits/ fistulas. I'm not a doctor but maybe you can research and ask your family ENT about it.

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Posted by: E | 2007/09/28

I too was born with this. Sometimes it drains a clear fluid on the left side and a whitish fluid on the right side that has a bad smell. I've only seen this in those of African American descent like myself. Sometimes, people have it on one side only. I don't what it is.

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Posted by: nabby | 2007/09/18

i too am one with this thing my family have had this for generations i heard this is a throw back from ancient times science hates to say it doesn,t know

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Posted by: Friend had this | 2007/08/23


Friend and her sister had this - Apparently if you go for an Xray it actually goes right into your brain - They had to have it surgically removed. Go to the doctor.

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