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Posted by: Thandeka | 2019/05/24


Chronic Ear Pain

Good day I am a 29 years old and had my first procedure (Tympanoplasty) in 2006. I had pain, draining brownish fluid from my left ear. Unfortunately, I am still suffering to date. I had grommets inserted in 2014 for recurring infection, another Tympanoplasty in 2016 due to multiple perforation on my eardrum. But the pain is not getting any better. I was referred to a Maxillo facial specialist because my ENT said the holes i have they are too small to cause what i'm describing and that I also swell behind my ear when the pain is severe, so he suspects it's related to TMJ. I had my wisdom teeth removed because they were impacted so Dr thought that might have been the cause. But that also did not help. I have had CT scan before but Dr said there's no indication of what the problem could be. What now my ENT suggested we do is to replace the (thick) graft they used before with a thin one and close the holes but he doubts it will stop the pain so it's a gamble. I really do not know what to do or where to go for help and I do not even like consulting because I now feel like my Dr does not believe that my ear has a problem. I deal with tinnitus and pain daily and I just need help. I was even put on Trepiline because Dr thinks i might be stressed. I do get stressed out every now and then due to death, work, exams and and but never for a prolonged period. I am a happy being and living a healthy lifestyle. Sorry for the novel..kindly assist please.

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