Posted by: Aon | 2020/04/14


Provoked seizure / concussion

Hi Doc I've been searching everywhere and cannot find the answer...8 years ago I had medication 4 provoked seizures. I don't suffer from epilepsy. When I stopped one medication (200mg trepiline vs Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin taken out of equation as it rarely causes seizures and trepiline esp at 200mg lowers seizure threshold and so shrink made me predisposed to seizure) . Since last year I had 3 seizures so far (that I'm aware of, 2 occasions there was a witnesses). The recent seizure I wouldn't have known being alone, a big bulging bump on right side forehead/cheek/nose in multi color...I was disorientated and only noticed something happened following day when looked in the mirror. The 2 other occasions I was told that I looked through person before seizing and was caught till grand mal seizure stops. Apparently like drunk person I tried getting up and was followed around because I wasn't talking normally. Apparently I was talking in numbers and unknown accent as he called it 'alien language'. When I became myself or so i thought even the friend was surprised that it wasn't 30min but over an hour. Most recent seizure there was no one to catch me and i as if sprinted into the wall (calves were very sore as if i ran a marathon for the 1st time). Have you perhaps came across such incident or know of neurologist that came across alien talk and being unaware for over an hour? seizures 8yrs ago I was aware waking up on the floor with people calling for help ...but last year 1 and this year 2...The way my forehead looks as if has golf ball underneath skin and scabs on it as well as my nose and cheek. Currently have a black eyelid...been having nausea and headache since but no med aid to check what went wrong....if my forehead had a bulging bump resembling half of the golf ball, scabs (also on my elbow)...multi color side of my face which currently week later has turned yellow and bump not protruding as bad...Is it possible I had concussion? My memory also bit confusing....I'm writing this as I cannot find anything online including videos filming person standing , seizing and as if running into a wall, followed by hitting head again on tiles while leaving smudge of my face on the wall Took me days to figure all this out...but I'm wondering if that impact could cause concussion. The previous seizure my friend saw me standing and hitting my head pretty hard and so I assume I hit my head twice and hard. Thank u in advance xxx

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Headache expert
- 2020/04/17

Dear Aon,

Please forgive me but as I am not a Neurologist I do not have any expertise regarding seizures, so I am unable to help you.

You definitely need to see a Neurologist, even if you don't have medical aid.

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