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Migraine? Lesions & high activity normal at 45?

Daily headache w/vertigo for abt 2 mos. First was dx'ed w/ sinus infection, even tho no congestion. Went to Dr. again, referred for MRI w/ contrast, given 7-days of Fioricet. Didn't last 7 days - had to call to get ok to take 2 at a time just to make headache bearable. MRI said to come back normal. Results had note mentioning areas of elevated activity - lesions in white matter - that were noted as "within normal limits for age". I'm 45. Referred to neurologist, who dxed as "migraine", rx for 6 days steroid pills. He wanted to give Depakote for prevention, but when I said I wasn't comfortable taking Depakote, he seemed annoyed & offered no alternative. GP wouldn't refill 7-day Fioricet rx (which barely worked anyway), & when I asked for a migraine relief rx, he said, "but it's not a migraine". Now, I'm frustrated. No headache history. I had one full-blown seizure, last year, indicated on my paperwork, & neurologist didn't ask about or acknowledge it. Noises make my headaches much worse. I've had ocular migraines 2 or 3 times/yr for years, no pain, just blindness in peripheral of one eye with ziggy black lines in vision. Lasts 1 hour or less. I also mentioned a "brain seizure" type feeling that I've had regularly, to which my neurologist smirked and shrugged off, saying he has no idea what that is. I know brains don't feel anything, but that's the only way I can describe that feeling. Sometimes that feeling is relieved a little by vigorously shaking my head (which makes my headache and dizziness worse for a min.), but lessens that feeling of something rapidly vibrating or an electrical storm or whatever happens with this "brain seizure" feeling. (A) Is my MRI considered normal at 45 y.o., w/the notes about the white matter lesions and over-activity in that area being normal for my age? (B) Is Depakote a normally-used 1st response for migraine prevention? I've already been on zoloft for yrs. (C) Does this sound like a migraine? (D) What do I do now, since my GP left me suffering for weeks saying not a migraine, referring me to neuro who says it is a migraine? I don't work & am under no stress. We noticed the neuro spent a little more time listening to the left side of my neck with the stethoscope & took extra time examining my left eye from the left side of the eyeball w/ his light. When I followed his finger w/my eyes, I asked him if it was relevant that following his finger hurt my eyeballs. He said, "it might be". Thank you in advance for any input.

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Your story is one that I have heard many many times. I think that the best thing is for us to speak - can you please call me on 0825555763 after 4pm until 7pm any afternoon. I need to discuss with you the way forward - in the vast majority of headache and migraine sufferers it is possible toreduce or eliminate the pain and accompanying symptoms, but one first has to diagnose where the pain is coming from - something that your doctors have thusfar been unable to do. Dr Elliot Shevel

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