Updated 28 June 2016

10 interesting facts about your hair

Most of us give our hair lots of attention, but do we really know much about it?


1. Each hair on your head has a continuous cyclic pattern of growth and rest called a ‘hair growth cycle’.

2. Human hair generally grows at a rate of about 1.27cm each month.

3. Aging causes permanent hair thinning or hair loss in both men and women as the body gradually becomes unable to replace shed hairs.

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4. Hair has a lifespan of between two and six years. Whenever you shed a hair, a new one starts growing to replace it.        

5. Hair growth is usually less visible on curly hair.

6. In people with alopecia androgenetica (male or female pattern baldness), the hair growth cycle starts to weaken. As hair follicles shrink, shorter, finer hair strands are produced. Once the growth cycle eventually stops, no new hair grows in its place.

7. Alopecia androgenetica is a complex inherited condition that can go back six generations or even skip them, only to affect an individual that is the only one in his/her family to inherit this type of hair loss

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8. The anticipation of sex makes hair grow faster. 

9. Each strand of hair can support up to 100 grams in weight. Multiply that by the average 100,000 to 150,000 strands on each head, and your entire head of hair could support the weight equivalent to two elephants. 

10. In 2002, researchers reported that people with ginger hair require 20 per cent more anaesthetic before surgery than blondes or brunettes.

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