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Did I get HIV?

Hello, I am a 27 year old male with Aspergers Syndrome/Anxiety/Panic Attack (Feb. 2016) and my partner was a 20 year old male. We had bareback sex with ejaculation inside the rectum going both ways. We had unprotected oral sex as well. This occurred from 11:15 pm PDT on 3-1-18 to 2:00 am PDT on 3-2-18. My partner is on Truvada (I have picture of his prescription bottle) for PrEP and last tested HIV-1 negative on 1-16-18. I was HIV-1 negative before meeting my partner. He said he had bareback sex with two other males before that 1-16-18 test, and sex with a male after 1-16-18 but before meeting me. This other male wore a condom and is on PrEP just as my partner did/is. This is according to word of mouth from my partner, who has been telling the truth about everything I can verify thus far. My partner cares for his health, encourages others to know what they are getting into to look after their own health and requests that anyone be STD and Hep C free. He said he had the same scare as me and continues to the present to communicate with me as needed to assure and help me. I verified his doctor's name and that she prescribes PrEP and PEP. However, the doctors at his clinic also can treat HIV-1 infection using Truvada...maybe I am going overboard with that statement. My partner works at his college health clinic, the name I don't present here. My partner had an HIV I/II Ag/Ab 4th Generation test with reflexes (Quest Diagnostics 91431) performed on 3-5-18 and reported negative for p24 antigen and antibodies on 3-6-18. There was no direct mention of the HIV RNA TMA negative reflex result on the report. However, the report tells him he is negative. My partner stated he had condom/PrEP sex with last partner at least a month before he met me but cannot recall the exact date. I had diarrhea only on 3-2-18 after anal sex. My partner said sometimes anal sex can make one feel like needing to defecate the next day. I had a severe sore throat in the early morning hours of 3-6-18. I then had no symptoms on 3-6-18 and 3-7-18 and was just fine (even went shopping at Costco). I then got my severe sore throat back on the afternoon of 3-8-18 accompanied by fever that fluctuated up and down. Highest was 101.4 F underarm after adding a degree. I had nasal congestion (lots of snot to blow out), some sneezing but only a few times in the beginning, coughing/sneezing up yellow normal snot colored sputum a few times and weakness (particularly in the shower).

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