The caregiver

Learn more about working in the HIV/AIDS field with advice and information on caring for HIV patients as well as AIDS care tips for nurses, social workers and caregivers.

Mental Health speaking books

Books of Hope uses sound chip technology to create talking books that allow users to hear the text read aloud by a popular local personality.

Care and nursing principles

What follows is practical advice on how to prevent and treat some of the common symptoms associated with HIV infection and Aids at home with only the most basic and inexpensive commonly available resources. Caregivers should look out for certain changes in the condition of the patient and seek professional help when necessary.

Managing stress and burnout

The following skills or tips may help caregivers and counsellors to cope with the pressure of working in the HIV/Aids field...

What about the caretaker?

In whatever capacity you provide care to persons with HIV/Aids, you are exposed to stressful situations that will impact on your life and relationships.

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