The South African culture

Learn more about HIV in South Africa and how local culture has influenced the spread of this disease and proliferation of HIV stigma. Find information on the latest treatment methods including PrEP for HIV.

5 things you should know about PrEP

Here are five things you should know about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, which is available to all South Africans who are at high risk for HIV.

Thinness associated with HIV/Aids

A new study has found that black women in South Africa would rather be overweight than thin for fear that people might think they may be suffering from HIV/Aids. DietDoc comments.

Living positively with HIV

There was a time when being diagnosed with HIV meant the end of your life as you knew it, being sick all the time, repeated hospital admissions and an early death. What we see now is nothing short of amazing.

When condoms aren't enough: To PrEP or not to PrEP?

Will taking pre-exposure prophylaxis, more commonly referred to as PrEP, condone risky sexual behaviour? What if people call me a “Truvada whore”? This is the story of a young South African wrestling with the idea of going on PrEP.

Aids denialist’s mystery death

Even her own daughter's death from Aids couldn't shake Christine Maggiore's denialist views on HIV. Now, with her own death, an era of fervent Aids denial may have run its course.

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