Legal issues

Learn more about HIV legal issues including when disclosure of HIV status is appropriate, how laws protect against discrimination of HIV-positive employees and where life insurance is available for this chronic condition.

Sex work and the law

The decriminalisation of sex work is not only about human rights, but could also be a valuable tool in the fight against HIV, experts say.

The Constitution and the legal framework

The Bill of Rights (which is part of the South African Constitution) enunciates a number of basic human rights which apply to all citizens and which therefore also protect people living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV+? Get life cover

Over 5 million South Africans live with HIV/Aids. Until recently, getting life cover just wasn’t an option. Now it is.

Management and policy issues

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 requires that employers (as far as it is reasonably practicable) create a safe working environment. It is also the responsibility of employers to develop policies and programmes to educate and protect their employees. This is not only a legal obligation: it is also an ethical obligation.

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