Read our HIV FAQs to discover answers to questions like: what is HIV and AIDS, and how do you get HIV?

Test your HIV/Aids knowledge

World Aids Day is on 1 December and rather than let you read through another alarming list of statistics and facts, take this quick quizz to see if your HIV/Aids knowledge is up to speed.

What about sex now?

To be HIV positive does not mean that this is the end of your sex life. Sex forms a very important part of one’s psychological health and well-being - as it is nurturing, relaxing and stress-relieving. It is, however, extremely important for the HIV positive person to always practice safer sex.

Stick to your ARV treatment plan

Antiretroviral medicine can play a huge part in preventing positive people from transmitting the virus – but only if they keep their viral loads undetectable.

My mom is HIV+

To disclose or not to disclose your HIV status – the debate continues. But very few people talk about whether, or how, you should disclose to your small children.

I’m HIV positive – what now?

To receive an HIV-positive test result is never easy. You will probably experience feelings of fear, loss, grief, guilt, denial, anger, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.

HIV-positive: what now?

When you test positive for HIV, the news will usually come from a doctor or a health professional. What is the next step and what should you do next?

9 myths about HIV

Most myths about HIV and Aids arise from a lack of accurate information. Dr Avron Urison tackles some of the more common misconceptions.

HIV Peer Forum FAQs

Our HIV Peer forum is an online community where users support and share their experience of living positively with HIV.

Should you disclose?

How do you disclose your HIV status to your loved ones? And how do you provide support if someone discloses to you?

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