Different political stances

Discover how various political stances have shaped the treatment and recognition of HIV/AIDS in South Africa as well as around the world including aids denialism from Thabo Mbeki and comments from Jacob Zuma.

Zuma's Aids shower comment comes back to haunt him

President Jacob Zuma's controversial shower comment that was popularised during his rape trial made a comeback; just days after former president Thabo Mbeki again faced the wrath of the medical fraternity over his contentious Aids views.

Dying for treatment

This extract from Nathan Geffen's book describes the events leading up to the start of TAC's civil disobedience campaign.

HIV drug exploitation?

South African taxpayers are shelling out way too much for HIV drugs. Yet the solution to this problem is staring us in the face.

Top 5 challenges for new health boss

After years of bad management, the South African health system is in a sorry state. Here is our pick of the top five challenges facing our new health minister.

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