What is HIV Counselling? Learn more about how HIV counsellors give pre- and post-HIV test counselling and the principles behind caring for HIV positive patients.

What to do after rape

Many rape survivors are too shocked to act in the immediate moments after a rape. But there are practical steps to take to stay safe and minimise health risks.

Basic HIV/AIDS counselling principles

The advent of HIV/Aids in the world has forced all of us to accept a paradigm shift from curing towards caring and counselling plays an important role.

Disabled at high risk for HIV

In a South African survey, 17 percent of disabled people were living with HIV – a percentage high enough to rank the group among the most vulnerable to HIV infection in the country.

Pre-HIV test counselling

The purpose of pre-test HIV counselling is to provide you with information on the technical aspects of testing and the possible personal, medical, social, psychological, legal and ethical implications of being diagnosed as either HIV positive or HIV negative.

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