Basic disease information

What is AIDS? Learn more about HIV/AIDS including HIV testing guidelines, common myths about HIV and find the latest statistics and medical advice.

HIV testing guidelines

The World Health Organisation recently released new recommendations for how healthcare providers and clinics should test for HIV to ensure more accurate testing and that the rights of patients are upheld.

Story of a virus

From whispers of 'gay plague' in the early 80s to 40 million infected today, the story of HIV/AIDS is one of the most fascinating in history. Here it is in distilled form.

In which body fluids does HIV occur?

HIV has been identified in various body fluids but it is especially highly concentrated in blood, sexual fluids (semen and vaginal fluids), and in breast milk.

5 myths about HIV/Aids

Think you know all about HIV and Aids? See if what you think is true is really correct.

Aids graphic: a brief history

In South Africa alone, it is estimated that 2000 new people are infected with HIV every day, and with 4 million HIV-positive. Take a look at the history of Aids.

HIV rates stabilising?

Sub-Saharan Africa is still the area hardest hit by HIV/Aids. But new statistics show that infection rates are stabilising. Experts warn that these statistics could be misleading.

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