About HIV/Aids

Find information and articles about HIV/AIDS including the signs of HIV and causes of HIV and AIDS. Learn how transmission can be prevented and what to do if you are exposed to this virus.

An HIV drug you only take twice a year?

Over time, taking daily pills for HIV can be a burden, but there is hope that soon there will be a drug that patients will only need to take every six months.

How close are we to a world without Aids?

With greater access to antiretroviral treatment, there is an increasing perception that the ‘battle against Aids’ is over, but how close are we really to eradicating the condition?

Global HIV funding for SA is waning

A lack of adequate government funding and a decrease in global attention on the spread of HIV/Aids in the country is having potentially disastrous consequences, forcing community organisations to turn to businesses for much needed money to treat those who are infected.

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