Stem cells

Timeline: stem cells

We've come a long way since the first embryonic stem cells were isolated in 1998. Take a look at how stem-cell policies and research have progressed.

Stem cell research: where it is at

Is stem cell research equal to abortion? Bush seems to think so. But recently embryonic stem cells were harvested without destroying embryos. We bring you the latest developments.

Stem cell glossary

Don't know your blastocoels from your blastocysts? If you're interested in the very many benefits of stem cells, it's worth taking note of the terms in this extensive glossary.

Stem cell, hard sell

It's medical science's greatest breakthrough. But before embarking on an expensive form of stem-cell treatment, weigh up the evidence for the claims.

Stem cells – hope or hype?

Stem cell technology offers the promise of curing the incurable – but for the moment lives are being lost while the issue is mired in controversy.

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