First aid

Removing foreign objects

If you have a foreign body in your eye or ear, or a foreign object in the nose, find out how to remove it safely by following our first aid guides on specific scenarios.


If a fishhook gets caught in your skin, it’s best if a doctor removes it. But if help is far away, our instructions will save the day.

Removing a ring

Are you struggling to remove a ring from your finger? Follow these steps.

Eye injuries

Eye injuries may be caused by a foreign object or chemical entering the eye, or a blow to the eye. Here's what to do to prevent further damage to this delicate organ.

Foreign objects in the nose

Children often push small objects up their noses. This section discusses how these objects can be removed.

Removing fishhooks

Removing a fishhook is best left to a doctor, but if you are far from medical help, the following instructions will be useful.

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