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Updated 16 January 2015

What happens during allergic shock

Watch these videos of what happens to people when they eat something to which they are allergic.


Check out these videos of what happens when people eat food to which they are allergic. Some people are allergic to salt, or nuts, others to seafood or alcohol.

It is not advisable to eat food to which you are allergic – as can be seen in these videos. A serious allergic attack, called an anaphylaxis, can be fatal. So don't try this on your own at home just to get on the internet.

Watch this clip to see what happens to people with a peanut allergy:

 This man had an allergic reaction to eating sushi:

This video shows you what to do if someone has a very severe allergic reaction:

(Health24, updated November 2011)

(Videoclips: YouTube)



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