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16 January 2015

Risk factors for anaphylaxis

People who suffer from asthma or from a food allergy are at a higher risk of developing anaphylaxis.


Although anyone may develop an allergy at any time in their life, there are risk factors that make some individuals especially susceptible to anaphylaxis. Those at risk for experiencing anaphylaxis include people with a history of allergies, those that have asthma and a food allergy, and people who have previously experienced anaphylaxis.

One third of cases occur at home, 25% in restaurants and 15% at school or work. Commercially prepared foods account for 68% of nut reactions. Also, teens with food allergy and asthma appear to be at highest risk because they are more likely to dine away from home, are less likely to carry medications, and they may ignore or not recognize symptoms.

Updated by Dr H Steinman, June 2007


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