Foot care for diabetics

Diabetes is a result of too much glucose in the blood. This high blood glucose, can damage many parts of the body – particularly the blood vessels and nerves.

Do you have dry feet in summer?

The skin on your feet plays an essential role in your mobility. Skin infections, corns and calluses, blisters, warts and fungal infections can really make your life difficult.

Your heels

The heel forms the base of one of the arches that supports the body when you move around. It is also the first point of contact that your foot has with the ground.

Your toenails

Nails, both those on the hands and feet, are the only skin appendages that are not located in the skin itself. There are a few conditions that affect the toenails.

Your ankles

The ankle is a mechanical miracle. It is flexible and resilient, serves as a foundation and propels you forward. But ankles can also become swollen, strained or sprained.

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