Foot and ankle exercises

To help you to stay active, it is important to keep your feet in shape. These are tips that will help you stay healthy and keep you off the injured reserve list.

Your feet were made for walking

Your feet are probably the most reliable form of transport you'll ever have. In fact, the human foot can compete with some of the best cars out on the market.

Barefoot in the city

Here at Health24 we took a look at the little hazards that can happen when walking around the city streets barefoot.

13 foot facts

Feet are complicated things, and considering how many things could go wrong with them, they generally serve us well. Check out these interesting foot facts.

Interesting facts about your feet

Feet get us around – we use them for running, walking and jumping. And yet, most people know very little about what actually goes on inside the foot.

Shoes causing you foot pain?

Painful feet? Aching toes? You’re not alone. A whopping 84% of women say they’ve experienced at least one foot problem, according to a recent survey.

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