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Posted by: Tiffany | 2017/05/20


Painless but recurring eyelid swelling.

Let me start by saying, while I have no insurance I have still sought medical help but have continued to come back with no explanations or solutions. It started months ago. In the beginning I didn't even know it was happening, one night after studying, I went to the bathroom and as I was leaving, I looked in the mirror to see that my left eyelid was swollen. I hadn't felt anything. There was no pain, no irritation, no itch, no discharge, no redness, nothing other than swelling. I went to bed that night thinking it would be gone in the morning. When I woke up, I knew it wasn't gone because at this point I could no long see out of my left eye. It was 3 times the normal size, swollen completely shut. It looked horrific. But still no other symptoms, no pain, nothing but the swelling. The doctor couldn't figure it out, but gave me steroids and antibiotics, after two days the swelling was gone, back to normal. Until it happened again, so I got more medicine and got it to go away again. And no, there were no changes in my diet, lifestyle, habits, shampoo, makeup, detergent, none of that before this happened. After the second time, not only did I try not wearing makeup, but bought new products as well. Still the swelling kept returning. I went to an eye doctor, was examined, and he couldn't anything, nor give me any answers. He was a stumped as my regular doctor. He gave me eye drops, and I took more steroids,antibiotics. Since then, this has happened SIX times. Same thing, every time, no one can explain it. I found an urgent care center that does xrays without referrals or insurance. They were too confused, suggested a Sinuses Paranasal X-Ray, so I did. While the x-rays were being done, the tech mentioned that she thought it could possibly have something to do with my sinuses. However after sending the x-rays to another facility for review, they responded with "3 views of the facial bones and sinuses were obtained, osseous structures intact, no evidence of fraction or dislocation, orbits in tact, soft tissues within normal limits, and visualized paranasal sinuses are clear." I received the print out review and disc of my x-rays. However, the tech was gone before I could speak with her. And now I am even more confused, frustrated, and worried. The eye doctored was worried that if it was a possible infection of the eyelid or sinus infection spread to the eye, that it could potentially spread to the brain.

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- 2017/09/19

Hi there,

Sorry that you feel this way. I assume you are seeing an Ophthalmologist whilst the swelling is still there and before any treatment has begun? As I do not know the cause of this either, my only advise would be to get referred to an academic institution whilst the episode of swelling is occurring. Your GP can do this on your behalf.

Best wishes!

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