Erectile dysfunction

Posted by: CEPHAS | 2018/09/27



I keep getting this unwanted erections whenever I feel anything pressing against my prostate. It is very disturbing. I hardly get any rest when I'm asleep because the erections continue when I'm unconscious. In the day time I particularly have to strain to pass stools and feel pain just when there is any rubbing around the prostate area. I've been treated already for prostatitis but the erections have still not disappeared. I'm not sure whether the cause might be prostate stones because one time I had a prostate massage which gave me a brief relief (it felt like my prostate had been deflated). The ensuing nights were normal but the priapism crept back within a few days. I've already taken several tests like urine r/e ,sickle cell, etc but they always come back normal. Right now I take a prostate herbal formula (the pill contains beta sisterol,saw palmetto,zinc, lycopene) which has helped to reduce the pain and greatly improve my bowel movements. I'm wondering if I should get regular prostate massages to stop the erections?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/10/05

Why not? If the massage helped or caused you to blow your loveload then it’s all good. For me personally the idea (thought to action) of young girls with hairy lubed up pussy is a HUGE plus - but so is jerking off medium to large dogs till they pop their nuts. Granny’s work too...white hair on top and a thick dark bush is delightful ??

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