Erectile dysfunction

Posted by: Johnny | 2018/11/24


ED & PE for a young, healthy and athletic dude

Hello, Male, 29, healthy, athletic. First sexual experience, 21, Issues with ED for a few days with the same sexual partner. Second sexual experience, 25, ED throughout the whole experience. Third sexual experience, recently, many encounters with same partner over a week. Understanding and helpful partner, after some effort was able to produce an erection and ended up experiencing PE moments before entry. I'm always feeling very relaxed and supported during the encounters, I don't feel any (conscious) pressure from the partner, but it seems that ED is the baseline of all of my sexual experience and the way out is for me is to masturbate almost to completion and then experience PE when trying to move forward. Self assessment would be classic performance anxiety, and being a pleaser and finding it hard to focus on myself, resorting to using my fingers and mouth because it's easier and produces great pleasure for the partner. Other potential issues, masturbating takes a while sometimes, been trying for years now to minimize usage of porn, assuming it might be one of the causes. As well as practicing getting erections and ejaculating using just my mind, and sometimes it's easier to do and sometimes quite difficult. Growing up, and well into my early teenage days I used to masturbate laying on my stomach, cupping my gentiles with one or two hands and applying light to heavy pressure until ejaculation, while not erect Thinking of buying the Prolong Device, which utilizes the Stop-start technique for PE, but it's suppose to help PE by helping with desensitizing. I'm worried if it would make my ED worse, because I do feel a little desensitizing already when I have a Semi-Erect penis while receiving oral pleasure.

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