What is epilepsy? Learn more about causes, prevention, symptoms and treatment of epilepsy here.

What is epilepsy?

Epileptic seizures are sudden, often dramatic, 'electrical storms' in the brain that range from very brief periods of 'blanking out' to full-blown convulsions.

Causes of epilepsy

Seizures are a feature of a variety of states of ill-health, and have many differing causes. Seizures may be the only manifestation of disease, may be caused by a specific brain disorder, or are seen as part of a more generalised bodily illness.

Symptoms of epilepsy

Symptoms may include sudden loss of consciousness, involuntary twitching of a limb, or a strange feeling or sensation.

Diagnosing epilepsy

A clear description of the seizure, and an EEG, are the most important tools in diagnosing epilepsy.

Preventing epilepsy

If treatment of the primary causes of epilepsy can prevent seizures from occurring, anti-epileptic medication may become unnecessary.

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