What are digestive disorders? Learn more about symptoms of digestive disorders and how these conditions can be treated.

What are digestive disorders?

The digestive system is made up of many different parts that include the mouth, the throat, the stomach, the liver, the gall bladder and pancreas, the colon, the rectum and the anus.

Diagnosing digestive disorders

As there are so many different digestive disorders, it isn’t always easy to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with a patient.

Causes of digestive disorders

The causes of digestive disorders are multiple. Sometimes a digestive disorder is restricted to the digestive system, and sometimes it is a symptom of a wider systemic problem.

Symptoms of digestive disorders

The digestive system is complicated, and consequently there are many different symptoms indicating that something is wrong in different parts of it.

Treating digestive disorders

Digestive disorders range from mild to severe, from acute to chronic, and from disorders that resolve themselves to those requiring surgery and/or medication.

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