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Posted by: Janks | 2017/09/25


Worrisome symptoms. Please help

I have a few symptoms which I think could be related. Im a 25yr old woman. I feel tired even if I get enough sleep, I have a lot of flatulence(gas), I have some foggy thinking ,I don't have the most regular bowel movements, I have adult acne(not severe but chronic and persistent), I sometimes can feel my heart beating (heart palpitations) and some mornings I wake up with sore muscles (legs mostly) even though I didn't do exercising, I also have severly dry legs that itch but don't have a rash (only scaly skin when i scratch a lot), I also get pimple like sores on my back and sometimes neck, that struggle to heal. I also don't gain weight. Im on 50kg and Im struggling to gain weight,,My question is, could this be because of malabsorption or because of something else? Which test can I do (could I do a full blood count, or liver funtion test or test for celiac??) I dont have a medical aid only a hospital plan so I would like to know, which tests should i do first (to cancel out the most serious stuff or most probable).?? I dont have the money to do a lot of tests. I would like to know where to start please. I already tested for diabetes, and thyroid problems as well as blood pressure. All are fine. Thank you for you advice. My biggest concern is my skin problems that wont go away and my digestive issues as well as my weight and tiredness. Please help me to figure this out. thank you

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