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Posted by: | 2015/01/23


Constipation amongst other things

I have been putting off going to see a doctor for about the last 6 months – just too embarrassing to get myself going so am giving this option a go. I am a 39 year old woman I am a little overweight 1.65m 80kgs and exercise daily for 30 minutes walking my dog. I have never got to the loo regularly during my life – about once or twice a week although I haven’t really experienced any problems, never really taken laxatives. Over the last few months I have noticed that a lot of the times when I eat especially a few different foods at one meal I get terrible cramps and rush off to the loo with a runny tummy within a few minutes. Now things all changed towards the end of the year. I was suffering from cramps and a little constipated one day and noticed blood in the loo afterwards, not in the poo or just covering the poo but in the whole bowl. I never felt pain or had and pain afterwards and have never had any blood again. Since then I have noticed that I battle to get my poo out without manual assistance – it is like it is coming out in the wrong place (too far forward) so I manually have to push on the surrounding skin to help it out. Then shortly before Christmas I became constipated (I didn’t overindulge over the festive season and was eating as I normally do) and I have stayed that way since. I took a mild laxative on 2 occasions(Soaflax). So toilet times have become a nightmare for me! I have tried to add more healthy foods to my diet since and it has not helped. I am managing to go to the toilet occasionally (once a week) but with great difficulty. My poo is in small hard balls and I can feel all the balls when I press on the skin but battle so to get them out and when I do it still feels that I haven’t emptied my bowels completely. It makes me pretty miserable and for a good day or 2 before. What do you think the problem is?

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