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I have a fasting blood sugar of 107

My question is, there is a lot information on the web. Some say 107 fasting blood sugar is pre-diabetes. What is the truth? I have a sugar-filled soda(reb-bull 12oz with sugar) tested my blood 2 hours later it was 130. Is 107 blood sugar enough to warrant a doctor visit?

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According to SA guidelines, a fasting laboratory glucose (done in the morning after fasting for 8 hours) is considered normal if it is less than 110(America uses 100), pre-diabetes if it is between 110 and 126, and diabetes if it is 126 or more. Normally we would want two abnormal results, or one abnormal result with associated symptoms like tiredness, weight loss, drinking lots of water and passing too much urine. The other way to test glucose is to do a glucose tolerance test where you go to the lab fasting and they give one 75grams of glucose to drink in water and then test your glucose levels after 2 hours. The cut off for diabetes is a level of 200 or higher at 2 hours and normal is less than 140. Between these two levels is considered pre- diabetes. Some patients will be normal on one test and abnormal on another, so sometimes we may do  both. We don’t normally use the finger prick test, as the levels are a bit more variable. Based on your level, I would suggest being formally tested

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/09/30

I believe it is considered Pre-Diabetes if fasting is between 100 and 125. After 2 hours your blood sugar should rebound back to 80ish which is another sign you are getting in trouble. I would go to the Dr and talk about it as you do not want to have to deal with diabetes. I did not notice symptoms until it was to late, it has been about 10 years and have it fairly under control ( I would be considered pre-diabetic with my numbers, fasting is around 100 and my spikes are no more than 170 after eating and return to 100 - 120 after 2 hours ) but I am noticing I don't heal very well anymore. Anytime I have a cut or bad scrape it scars, I have permanent black and blue spots around my ankles and I can I go from 20/20 vision one week to very blurry the next. Trust me, you don't want this and should avoid it at all costs. I am only in my mid 40's and feel like I am in my 60's. At this point because of the symptoms, I have I don't think I am even going to make it to retirement age. I have had a few friends in similar situations as you and I had to basically force them to go to the Dr.. It will be up to you to make a change, but lose weight, exercise, watch your sugar intake, it will all help and if you are strict enough, you won't get the diabetes diagnosis. If you don't have the money to go to a Dr. then start taking steps on your own to prevent it. Change your diet, eat better food, not processed and loaded with sugar and trans fats ( also understand that carbs turn into sugar when digested so stay away from breads, pasta and anything with a high carb count ) , drink water instead of soda, and exercise, even just get up and walk around for 15 min a few times a day instead of sitting watching tv or being on the computer. If you smoke, stop smoking, switch to Nicotine gun if you need to, if you drink, stop drinking ( They say a glass of wine a day can be good, but I am very skeptical of that ) Good luck to you and take it very seriously. I would give up all my money and belongings that I have to get rid of this horrible disease so I could spend more time with my family in the future.

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Posted by: SarahShapiro | 2018/09/27

I think it would be better to visit a doctor. There are some factors to consider before saying you are borderline diabetic or not.

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