Real-life story

Read real-life depression stories from people who have successfully managed severe depression and serve as an inspiration for others struggling with this complex condition.

How poverty may be fuelling hidden depression

About 20 percent of South Africans live on less than R350 per month and this kind of poverty could be having real impacts not only on people’s physical health but also their mental well-being.

'Are you really crazy?'

Carol Ngcamane was surprised and shocked at the reaction of her family and friends when she told them she had been diagnosed with depression.

‘I Googled how to kill myself’

Suicide is not a cowardly act. It’s also not an easy decision to make. Health24 writer Mandy Freeman opens up about wanting to commit suicide.

‘No one noticed’

Health24 reader Tumi Simphiwe* shares her story about depression. No one noticed her suffering, which slowly started affecting her studies and life.

'My suicide attempt saved my life'

When South African artist and mother of two Yvette Beneke realised she was suffering from depression, she could have never imagined that it would almost cost her her marriage, and even worse, her life. This is her story...

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