What is depression? Learn more about the signs and symptoms of depression here and discover common causes, as well as treatment and prevention methods.

What is depression?

Depression isn't simply a case of "having the blues". It's a legitimate medical illness.

Diagnosing depression

To diagnose a depressive disorder, your doctor will have to do a full evaluation. Find out what this will entail.

Can depression be prevented?

While you may not be able sidestep depression, there's a lot you can do to cut your risk for the mental health condition and/or prevent a relapse.

Treating depression

There's good news if you suffer from depression: the vast majority of people respond to treatment.

Depression: course & prognosis

The course of depression depends on several factors, including the structural brain changes that have occurred in the past.

Causes of depression

A number of genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors play a role in depression. Learn more about the possible causes.

How common is depression?

If you've been diagnosed with depression, you're not alone. This mental illness is, in fact, very common.

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