02 October 2017

How open are you about mental illness in the workplace?

One in four employees in South Africa has been diagnosed with depression. Now you have the chance to share your opinion about depression in the workplace.

A staggering one in four employees in South Africa has been diagnosed with depression. 

“Depression affects cognitive functions such as decision making, concentration, memory and problem solving abilities. Depression negatively impacts on productivity," says psychiatrist and clinical psychologist, Dr Frans Korb. 

Share your opinion

SADAG is running a survey to understand the implication of mental health and stigma in the workplace.

This is your chance to share your experiences – both positive and negative – on how your office handles your mental illness. 

You can share your opinion by taking the survey here

“On average, people with depression took 18 days off work due to their depression in South Africa. This is one of the reasons why it’s vital to examine how depression is managed in the workplace and what procedures are in place to ensure that affected employees are encouraged to and supported in seeking treatment,” says Cassey Chambers, Operations Director of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG).

Don’t do it alone

SADAG offers some valuable tips on dealing with depression. 

1. Don’t try to deal with your pain on your own – share your feelings with others.
2. Create a daily routine and try to maintain it.
3. Make small goals that you can reach. 
4. Don’t make big decisions, such as changing jobs or ending a relationship, until you are feeling better.
5. Join a support group.
6. Seeking treatment is a sign of strength and is the first step to feeling better. You can call the SADAG helpline: 0800 21 22 23.

Image credit: iStock