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I overdosed on 10 mybulen pills in February due to depression. When I took the pills I felt drowsy an hour and a half after taking it. I vomited twice alot and the vomit tasted like the pills. I'm sure I took some out but don't know how many. The next day I was given naloxone. Seven days later I did a full blood count for liver and kidney function and a urine test and results was normal. A month later I did another full blood count for liver and kidney function and urine test and again everything was normal. Both my blood results for the two tests done was exactly the same and normal. I did a scan for gallbladder a month after and did another scan seven days ago. All was normal. Will this episode of overdosing give me liver problem later or other illnesses. I'm? just worried and scared I will die soon. Is it normal to feel this way. Are full blood count of liver and kidney functions accurate tests. Do I need to do another blood test for liver and kidney function. Please help me. Do you think I could have vomited part of the pills out even though it wasn't in solid form in vomit. Is my liver more sensitive now after the overdose. Can I drink wine or take prescribed medications now or will it harm me now after this overdose. Everyday I'm living in fear thinking I caused harm to myself and it's not easy living with the regret. My doctor said 10 pills not toxic what does this mean. Recently I did a liver and kidney function test and full blood count for the third time. Also did urine test. Results were normal. My two previous blood tests was also normal. Would I still get problems later on due to the fact that I have taken this overdose and it was a load on my liver. Will it make my liver more susceptible now to pick up damage easily and also my kidneys.

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Depression expert
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Having formerly worked as a co-director in a Pain Clinic, I don't like Mybulen. It combines paracetamol ( as in Panado ) ; ibuprofen ( as in Brufen & many others ) and Codeine ( a relative of morphine, and too often used too loosely in South Africa ).  Among other good reasons, I don't like such products which combine different major drugs, as you cannot increase or decrease the dosage of any one of them without changing the others, too.  Far better, if that specific combination is considered desirable, to give them individually,  so each can be adjusted to suit the situation.
In overdose, each component has it's own particular risks. 
Paracetamol can cause liver problems starting day later rather than immediately.  But with the sort of test results you describe, you're probably all right so long as you take proper care of yourself from now on. 
I can't imagine why anyone would have done a scan of your gallbladder at all, let alone twice, as that's not likely to have been affected by such a overdose. 
What troubles me most is that there seems to be too much focus on the purely physical effects of the overdose, and not enough focus on why you took it, and on sorting our whatever psychological problems and issues led to that.  The OD was fortunately not a very high dose one, and it does seem that you are physically clear : that's what your doctor surely meant when he said the doses involved were not toxic.  Be pleased about that. You won't get safer by repeating the normal tests.  Your kidneys were not likely to be damaged, and your liver is apparently OK.
This OD should be part of your ordinary medical history you tell any doctor who sees you, who can take it into account when electing what medication to recommend to you.  Personally, I would avoid wine and other alcohol anyhow, as it is not necessary in order to lead a happy life, and is not good for anyone's liver.
Be grateful that you have apparently escaped what might have been significant damage and the tests show you to be fine now.  See a psychologist to sort out whatever issues led to the overdose, and to enhance your ability to happily live the rest of your life in peace and health, looking fprwards rather than backwards.

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