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Gut problems from fungal Infection/ life time of depression and anxiety

Hi, back in 2013 I got a fungal infection in my gut from drinking tea with kombucha in it. I did at home candida test and took fluconazole for a week followed by garlic supplements and visiting the Sauna to kill it off, I then took two more weeks of fluconazole. The problem is ever since then, my Gut has not been the same, I do not have the same kind of BM"s that I had before. Only a little bit comes out and it is very thin. I also suffer from a lifetime of depression and anxiety, however, a year-and-a-half back I tried a keto supplement with some high alkaline water, I had the best BM of my entire life and I felt like a weight was lifted off of my brain. I felt better that day than I ever had in my entire life. The problem with this is I never felt that again, I tried the same keto supplement with the same water and I've never had the same experience. I've taken numerous probiotics, changed my diet, taken all kind of supplements and I just cannot feel the same way I felt that day. I don't understand why that supplement would work well one time but not the other times I've tried it, and that was not even the first time I tried it, I had tried it multiple times before then, and then one day it just decided to work. I believe there is obviously a connection between your gut health and your brain health, if I can fix my gut and get a BM like I had that day then I think that my depression will subside substantially because mentally that day was the best day of my life and I could feel my brain almost activate after taking that BM. Please help me on what to do.

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Depression expert
- 2019/02/19

Hi Sheepguy,
I'm far from convinced that Kombucha has any significant health benefits, or at least any that can't be gained by drinking ordinary black or green tea. It's a fashionable fad.
It is probably unwise to interfere with one's normal gut flora, as evidence is beginning to emerge that some changes in the germs normally present in the gut are not good for us, and may be associated with some significant problems.
So-called Probiotic capsules, available at good pharmacies may be valuable, especially when one has taken antibiotics or anti-fungal meds which can damage the normal organisms living in one's gut. 
I don't see how a sauna or garlic would be of any use in dealing with a fungal gut infection. The same go for keto supplements or whatever "high colonic water" might be.  Remember that most "supplements" on sale are highly profitable to those who sell it, but there's very little evidence that they are of benefit, an thy take advantage of our foolish laws that exempt anything that calls itself a "supplement" from the requirement that drugs have, for providing piles of evidence that they are safe and useful. 
Remember that if you are in the habit of trying various fads and supplements, there's a good chance  that some day, when for totally other reasons you happen to feel particularly good that day, you may assume, sincerely but wrongly, that the feeling good was caused by that day's supplement.
It'd be better for you to see a good specialist psychiatrist to assess you fully, as regards your depression and anxiety, and to tell them of your various other attempts to improve this, and then seriously discuss your real treatment options

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