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Depression and Anxiety

I have been on Dynasetraline and Urbanol for the depression and Anxiety. I feel like the depression has eased up but the anxiety has gotten worse. I take urbanol in the morning but every morning driving to work I burst out in tears because of all the emotions and the anxiety. I can't sleep at night, I wake up random times like 2am and struggle to go back to sleep. My heart rate is constantly fast and im shaking. My chest feels tight most of the time, it feels like the urbanol isn't working or my anxiety has jut gotten that much worse, to the point that I fear going to work every day. It is messing up my life in so many ways I don't know which way to turn anymore. I try to keep my mind in a good place and deep breaths but I am struggling. On weekends I am okay I dont even need to take urbanol then. But come the week and im back to square one. It just takes over and I feel like I can just run home and cry to get all of it out. I can't focus at work, I seem to have memory issues too. I don't know if it has anything to do with adult adhd as I have taken an online test and it points to that. Please, any advice will be appreciated.

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Depression expert
- 2019/04/24

Hi CM,
Let's see,  Dynasertraline is a trade name for a generic version of Sertraline.  Among it's potential side-effects can be feelings of anxiety, even agitation, and insomnia. Though like other antidepressants, Sertraline can also help to alleviate anxiety,  You don't mention the time-scale of your treatments, but remember that it can take a couple of weeks for an effective antidepressant to show its full potential ; and though one may start feeling better within weeks,  the underlying processes of depression take longer to change, and generally one should stay on AD meds for 6 to 9 months, maybe more, before stopping gradually : and though I know we all need to take costs of consultations into account, it's important to make significant treatment decisions in consultation with your psychiatrist, and not alone.
Urbanol is a peculiarly popular drug in recent times ( peculiar because I haven't found any major benefits unique to it compared to alternatives ), a benzo sedative tranquilizer, useful for treating anxiety symptoms 
From what you describe, to things strike me.  One is that it doesn't sound as though your emotional problems are being optimally managed  by these current treatments, and it would be wise to see your psychiatrist again for a re-assessment of your current condition and treatment.
The other point would be my unease about how too often serious depression and anxiety problems are being treated solely by medicines, when seeing a psychologist for basic counselling could make a major contribution.  Sometimes counselling, such as the CBT technique, can be highly effective on its own in treating depression and/or anxiety ; and it often is a valuable supplement to meds.  The way you describe your symptoms in relation to going to and from work, strongly suggests that there are issues there that need to be dealt with properly, and chemicals alone won't do that.

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