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Anxiety and stresam

Good Day, I recently fell sick and went to see my GP- she said ive just had a panick attack and put me on stresam 10mg, but i have been so sick, i am dizzy, heart palpitations, extremely weak, insomnia and nausea.I'ts been a month and i went back to her and explained that ive been soo sick, she said these symptoms are due to my anxiety and she said stressam doesnt seem to be working and she put me on Lexamil 10 mg and trazodone 50mg and gave me pills for other symptoms, but nothings seems to work. I dont want to continue the medication as i feel they make me sick and since taking them i am constantly nervours and irritable. went for a second opinion, she prescribed propanol and said it will help with the heart palpitations. I am not sure how to go about this as i dont a history of anxiety and depression and im thinking maybe i was misdiagonised. Are there natural herbs that i can take instead of the recommended pills?

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Depression expert
- 2020/09/04

Good day,   To start at the end of your question, No, there are no herbs likely to be useful here ( though there are many varieties on the market ) and I am always wary of remedies that brag about being "natural" ; unless you nibble on growing plants what you consume is not purely natural, and many very naturally occurring things are horrible and dangerous, including many awful poisons.  If anything could possibly produce useful effects, it can also have side-effects and risks.
Now, I wish I knew what problems you were experiencing that led you to do to see your doctor. What you seem to be mentioning in your question, could be symptoms of anxiety, or side-effects of medicines, or caused by something else entirely.
Presumably the doctor having heard your initial complaints, decided these probably were caused by an anxiety disorder.  That's a common condition.  Stresam is a sensible treatment for anxiety to try, as it has few side-effects and does NOT have the risks of the too often used family of benzo drugs ( Valium, and many others) which can be habit forming and reduce concentration, among other problems.  Many people find it suits them well.
Assuming that your doctor has ruled out any other health problem or physical illness,  and is still concerned about anxiety, there are two good options.  If one still wants to use medication, then the most widely recommended option would be to use drugs also used to treat depression ( even if you are not otherwise depressed ) and these include the two more recent drugs you mention.
The other option, well supported by good research, is to find someone able to provide a specific form of counselling called CBT ( Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy ) which is as effective as medication, and helps you regain control of your reactions to life, and your symptoms, and to revise unhelpful habits of thinking and behaving.
As you are still concerned, getting a second opinion is often a good idea, and good doctors would not be upset at such a suggestion. It can bring a fresh look at what might be wrong and at treatment options.

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