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Man kills and cannibalises woman

A suspected satanist murdered, dismembered and ate a women in Manchester, Tennessee, US.

When 36-year-old Lisa Hyder from Dekalb County in the US was unable to get a lift home from her ex-husband, Charles, she had no idea she'd become Gregory Scott Hale's next meal.

According to a recent article published in the New York Post, Hyder met her killer at a local liquor store and then went home with him.

According to the police affidavit, Hale first murdered Hyder, then mutilated her corpse by chopping off her head, hands, feet and other body parts.

He then ate parts of her body and separated the rest of the pieces into two plastic buckets. He first attempted to burn the torso, but instead buried it in a burn pile at the house where he lives with his parents.    

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Gory images

According a recent Christian Post article, one of Hale's friends let slip that Hale lost his job at an abattoir because he performed satanic rituals on the animal carcasses. The friend described Hale as a devil worshipper, and his neighbours proclaimed him a sick person and a follower of Satan.

In  fact, Hale's Facebook page is filled with gory images and descriptions of killing and blood. Hale uploaded a photo with the following caption: “I hug the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard.” 

He also wrote about being a cannibal and eating a vegetarian: “Would that vegetarian taste like that fake soy meat like they got in sum fast food places???”

Why we love reading horror stories such about cannibalism 

Apparently Hale asked one of his neighbours to help him dispose of Hyder's body. The horrified neighbours then tipped the police off.

When the police arrived, they found Hyder's remains scattered around the property and arrested Hale.

According to the arrest warrant obtained from the Coffee County General Sessions Court, Hale admitted to murdering and eating Hyder and has been charged with first degree murder.

How a murderer's mind works

However, no motive has been provided as to why Hale killed and ate Hyder, because according to Hale, he met her for the first time at the liquor store in Manchester, Tennessee

Hale will make his first court appearance on June 23.

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Sources: Christian Post, New York Post

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