09 December 2008

Short memory test

Administer this short test to identify significant memory problems.


To distinguish significant memory problems from the wear and tear of normal ageing.


Let a friend or family member administer this test or do it with a loved one. Score 1 point for each wrong answer and enter under Errors. Keep in mind the maximum number of errors for each question. Multiply the number of errors by the given weight. Then add each score to come to the final score.

Questions: Max. no. of errors Errors Weight Score
1. What year is it now? 1 x4=
2. What month is it now? 1 x3=
Repeat this memory phrase after me and try to remember it:

"John Brown, 42 Market Street, Cape Town."

3. About what time is it now? (within 1 hour) 1 x3=
4. Count backwards from 20 to 1. x2=
5. Say the months in reverse order. x2=
6. Repeat the memory phrase again. x2=

Total: ___________

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