What are the best types of memory exercises?

There is no real scientific evidence to show that one form of activity may be better than another in order to exercise memory. The best type of memory stimulation is to always partake in an activity that is novel or new. Nothing beats socialisation, attending meetings, and participating in senior club activities. Avoid repetitive exercises that do not stimulate the formation of new connections in the brain. An example of such an activity is knitting the same pattern repeatedly.

When is my memory impaired?

We all tend to forget important things from time to time and it may sometimes be difficult to work out when your memory is impaired. Your memory is impaired when you can’t function in normal everyday activities. When you consistently forget important information and are not able to function at work or at home. Read about the difference between dementia and normal ageing.

Is poor memory in an elderly person normal?

Poor memory in older adults is not normal and cannot be assumed to be due to Alzheimer’s disease. It should always be investigated to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Can I exercise my memory and thus avoid Alzheimer's disease altogether?

By exercising your memory, your brain benefits from stimulation and will form new connections. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to stop the onset of Alzheimer's disease if you are destined to have this illness. Mental exercises may only postpone the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Read more about memory techniques.

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