Constipation and diet

Dietary factors can often play a role in, or even cause, constipation. Dietary fibre can help prevent constipation by improving the regularity of bowel movements. Learn more about constipation and diet here.

Dietary fibre helps slimmers

Dietary fibre helps to prevent constipation and can lower high blood fat levels, while it improves blood glucose control in diabetics. It can also help you to lose weight.

Is your low-carb diet causing constipation?

Are you on a high fat or high protein diet that's also low in carbs? Constipation is often a nasty side effect. Here's how to ensure your trip to the bathroom is a comfortable one.

Constipation and diet

Constipation is caused by lack of dietary fibre in the diet and inactivity. We tell you how to increase your fibre intake and get off the couch!

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