Could I have high cholesterol?

Is there a family history of high cholesterol?

What is your weight status? Body Mass Index = weight / (height x height)

How often do you eat any form of animal meat?

How often do you eat red meat, i.e. beef or mutton and lamb?

How often do you fry food in oil (any oil)?

What do you usually spread on your bread?

Which type of milk do you usually drink?

How often do you eat out (including take-away)?

Which of the following would you choose to eat at a cocktail party?

How many fruit and vegetable servings do you eat daily?

What salad dressing do you use over salads?

What cheese do you eat?

When you eat chicken, which part do you prefer?

How often do you eat legumes, soya, or oats?

How much alcohol do you consume per drinking session or per day?

How often do you exercise (30 minutes of moderate exercise or more)?

Are you currently receiving any steroid medication therapy?