Cholesterol and your diet

Find out more about the fats in your diet and discover how a high cholesterol and low cholesterol diet can affect your health.

Cholesterol and your diet

Do you have high cholesterol? Changes to your diet can lower your cholesterol levels. In turn, this can reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

Tomatoes can lower your cholesterol

The traditional Mediterranean diet, rich in tomatoes, tomato products and other carotenoids, has been associated with a lower incidence of chronic heart disease.

Cholesterol confusion

Yes, cholesterol can be bad for your heart. But the cholesterol issue isn't nearly this simple - your body actually needs some of it. If you're confused, this article is for you.

Trans fatty acids

When unsaturated vegetable fats are hydrogenated, the process produces yet another type of fatty acid as a side product – a trans fatty acid.

Saturated vs. unsaturated fats

Fat forms part of a healthy diet. But the type of fat you include is very important. Saturated fats are generally unhealthy, while unsaturated fats are much better.

Experts warn against Noakes diet

Experts in the fields of dietetics and heart disease caution against changes to conventional diets and treatments despite radical new ideas about the link between high blood cholesterol and heart disease.

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