Recent cholera outbreaks

Cholera timeline

This cholera timeline shows how the epidemic developed in Zimbabwe and further south. Get the latest information here.

SA at low risk of Zim's cholera

South Africans are getting more nervous by the day as reports of escalating number of cholera victims of neighbouring Zimbabwe arrive.

New cholera outbreak in Mozambique

Health authorities in the central Zambezia province in Mozambique were on high alert after the deaths last week of two people out of more than 20 reported cases of cholera.

Recent cholera outbreaks in SA

Cholera outbreaks can occur periodically in any part of the world where water supplies, sanitation, food safety and hygiene practices are inadequate.

Cholera kills 76 in Congo

A cholera epidemic has killed at least 76 people and infected nearly 3,000 in Democratic Republic of Congo's south-eastern province of Katanga since the start of the year.

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