Am I optimising my child's health?

Is your child eating correctly to grow healthy and strong? Take this quiz to learn how your child should be eating.

What does your child eat for breakfast?

How many dairy servings does your child consume per day on average? 1 serving = 1 glass milk (soy or cows) or 1 matchbox (30g) cheese or 175 ml yogurt

How many proper sit down meals does your child eat a day?

Does your child take a multivitamin supplement regularly?

How often is your child physically active?

Does your child take a packed lunch to school?

How many servings of fruit does your child eat per day? 1 serving = 1banana, pear, apple etc. or ½ glass fresh fruit juice

How many servings of dark green or yellow vegetables does your child eat? 1 serving = 1/2 cup cooked or raw

What bread does your child eat?

Does your child eat breakfast every morning? How often does your child eat protein-based foods (i.e.-red meat, poultry, fish, soya, eggs, legumes, or nuts)

How often does your child eat any of the following? Chocolates or sweets, crisps or fried potato chips, cakes and biscuits or ice-cream

How often does your child eat fast or take-away foods?

How often does your child get tuck shop or pocket money to buy sweets, chips etc.

Do you reward your child with food? E.g. If they eat all their dinner, they may have a chocolate?

What does your child drink during the day?

How many glasses of water does your child drink a day?

How would you classify your child’s bowel habits?

Does your child suffer from any food related allergies?

If answer to question above is yes, have you sought medical advice on how to approach this allergy with regards to your child’s diet?