Chickenpox occurs worldwide as a childhood disease, which generally lasts four to five days. Chicken pox symptoms include fever and a widespread rash of small blisters (vesicles), usually distributed on the chest, back, face and the arms and legs. Learn more about chicken pox treatment here.

Chicken pox

Chicken pox is very infectious and occurs worldwide as a childhood disease that lasts for 5 to 7 days.

Does chickenpox protect against skin conditions?

Kids who get chickenpox may be less likely to develop atopic dermatitis and asthma when they're older than their peers who don't get chickenpox - including those that are vaccinated against it, suggests a new study.

The serious side of chicken pox

Many people don't know that there is immunisation available for chicken pox that can prevent the disease, or lessen the severity of the viral infection's symptoms.

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