About Childhood Diseases

Learn more about illnesses such as mumps, cradle cap and fever in children with symptoms, causes and treatment advice.

Child viral infections and obesity

Researchers beleive that obesity may have an infectious origin, the idea being supported by a study who found that children exposed to adenovirus were more likely to be obese.

Parents overreact to kids' fevers

Many parents overreact to children's fevers, and the steps they take can be dangerous, or at least uncomfortable, for kids, says a study in the latest issue of Paediatrics.

Immunisation key to child survival

Immunising children against preventable diseases is critical to achieving United Nations-led goals to reduce child deaths, global health and development chiefs said in New York.

Bacteria may cause infant death

Researchers say they may have found that bacteria is a contributing factor in sudden infant death syndrome, one of the leading causes of death for children under one.

Make the medicine go down

Forget that spoonful of sugar. Here are some realistic tips on how to get your children to take their medicines.

Treating baby's fever

Paediatricians who use their good clinical judgment in deciding how to treat infants with fevers can effectively diagnose serious illness, even if they don't follow clinical guidelines to the letter, research shows.

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