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Breast abscess cure after surgery

Dear sir, meri wife ka one month pahle breast abscess ka surgery hua pr avi tk hole bana hau hai thik nhi hua hai or wo avi breast feeding dusre breast se krati hai. Pr surgery bale breast(hole) se milk discharge hota hai or bar bar ganth type ban jata hai to Kiya koi problem to nhi hai.

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Cancer expert
- 2017/12/14

Dear Subodh Kumar, I could unfortunately not read the whole of your question because of some unknown words, however, I suspect that your question is regarding a breast abscess following surgery. I am not sure what type of surgery you are referring to. The fact of the matter is that it appears that your wife has a problem of breast abscess. You also did not inform me of whether your wife is breastfeeding at the moment.

One type of breast infection that can occur in non-lactating women is a subareolar breast abscess. Subareolar breast abscesses are infected lumps that occur just under the areola, the coloured skin around the nipple. An abscess is a swollen area in the body that is filled with pus. Pus is liquid filled with dead white blood cells.

The swelling and pus are due to a local infection. A local infection is where bacteria invade the body at a certain point and remain there. The bacteria do not spread to other parts of the body in a local infection. It is also not a sign of cancer.

If left untreated, the infection can start to form a fistula. A fistula is an abnormal hole from the abscess out to the skin. If the infection is severe enough, nipple inversion can occur. This is when the nipple is drawn into the breast tissue rather than pointing out. The patient may also have a fever and a general feeling of ill health.

The first stage of treatment is taking antibiotics. Depending on the size of the abscess and the level of discomfort, the doctor may also want to open up the abscess and drain the pus. This would mean the abscess would be cut open in the doctor’s office. Most likely, some local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area.

If the infection does not go away with a course of antibiotics, or if the infection comes back repeatedly after initially clearing up, the person may need surgery. During surgery, the chronic abscess and any affected glands will be removed. If nipple inversion has occurred, the nipple can be reconstructed during surgery.

Surgery may be done in the doctor’s office, in a surgical outpatient centre, or in a hospital, depending on the size and severity of the abscess.

Having said all this, my response to you is to get your wife to see a doctor as soon as possible so that she can receive the treatment she deserves. (MCH).

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