Posted by: Penelope | 2018/06/20


How can I be certain of my illness? Symptoms below

About 2 months ago I felt a small sunken patch on my head like an indent, I was shocked but ignored it, it's now turned into a sore that scabs over every few days, but even though it dries and the scab falls off, underneath it is still sore and the process repeats. My body itches terribly, most especially at night, my knuckles now have hard brown patches because the skin dries and peels off, I have red patches that show up and then dry into brown patches that hurt but do not have a visible injury. I have excessive hair fall. I have dropped 3 dresses sizes since March. I have a continuous sore throat that makes swallowing difficult I have patches on my tongue that the go has said is geographic tongue, I've had it for years but it is now painful, my cheeks and lips feel swollen I cannot walk, my knees feel as though they are catching and I will fall. I am excessively fatigues and tired no matter how much I sleep. I have no appetite I have constant mood swings The most troubling thing is that I have permanent chills, my body feels like I have a constant fever, I feel cold right into my bones, yet at night I will wake up dripping in sweat but ice cold. I have steaming hot showers to try to regulate my body heat it helps for a short while. I have a constant head ache that runs down the back of my neck and across my shoulders. If I write 4 lines on a page I am already tired to a point that I can't move my hand again because gripping the pen hurts and tires me. Walking up 5 stairs leaves me out of breathe. I have a constant ear ache, sometimes if I out a ear bud in my ear, I remove it and there are faint traces of dried blood on it, yet I haven't hurt my ear. I have been to a gp and he says my immune system is low and gives me multi vitamins, yet it doesn't help. I am a 38 year old female.

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Cancer expert
- 2018/06/22

Dear Penelope, It is very difficult to tell you what could be wrong. From what you have written, it would appear that your treating physician is correct in saying that you immune system is under pressure. The only advice I can give you is to go back to you treating physician and ask him/her to refer you to someone else. You need a very good general check-up with possibly a series of laboratory tests to assist in making a diagnosis. The scalp patches could be scalp psoriasis although it is difficult to say within having seen the patches. (MCH).

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