Learn more about how smoking can cause COPD and find information of how to give up this habit.

Anti-Tobacco Art

Science has no lack of harsh facts about smoking, but sometimes it takes Art to make us pay attention.

Cutting back doesn't help

Cutting back on the number of cigarettes smoked may not help to stave off respiratory illness in heavy smokers, says a new study.

Every breath you take

A breathalyser to check if you’re a secret smoker? It’s called a Smokerlyzer, and Health24 got their hands on one.

Third-hand smoke

Toxins linger even after a cigarette's stubbed out. Meet tobacco's new baddie: third-hand smoke.

TB: Anyone can get it

Tuberculosis does not discriminate. Although the disease is linked to crowded living conditions and lower socio-economic status, any individual is potentially at risk.

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