Living with COPD

Learn more about living with COPD, discover the facts about this type of lung disease and find out what your emphysema risk is.

Check your emphysema risk

Older people who do get emphysema had the foundations for this disease laid decades before the first symptoms appeared. So young people need to read this too.

Living with cystic fibrosis

Cheryl Vermeulen has been on antibiotics since she was 10 days old and, by all calculations, shouldn't be alive today.

COPD and clothing

There is no point in complicating your life by choosing the wrong clothing.

COPD and leaving the house

There are many things to consider before going out, if you have COPD. The weather, pollution levels and your energy levels being of the most important.

13 quick facts on COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) is often referred to by people as emphysema. It is often a condition afflicting long-term smokers.

COPD, you and housework

Where housework is concerned there are many things those with COPD can do to make the burden lighter.

COPD and exercise

If you have COPD, you should not attempt any exercise before consulting your doctor.

COPD and meal preparation

Preparing meals can be strenuous - even for those people who are healthy. If you have COPD, careful planning lies at the centre of dealing with this issue.

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